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Which insurance provider has the best prices?

Three quarters of the world’s consumers are now covered by one of four different types of insur

India’s new language law gives a new meaning to “mother tongue”

A new law in India has given a new sense to the word mother tongue.The new law, which was passed on D

“I wish we could just take this away”: Recode’s Emily Nelson explains why she was so adamant that we don’t need to write about the death of J.K. Rowling.

Emily Nelson, Recode senior editor of technology and enterprise, writes about the rise of the web and

How to become a better journalist by becoming an investigative journalist

The gravity falls journal publishes more than 800 titles a year, with a growing list of titles that h

Man killed by dog in dog-friendly condo, police say

SAN ANTONIO — A man was killed by a dog in a condo and his girlfriend is in custody after she alleg

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bullet Journal

The idea of the bullet journal has been around since the 1930s, but there’s been some debate ab

Which diseases are the most common and how are they different in adults and children?

Pediatricians are concerned about the future of our society, as their patients are more likely to die

How to tell the difference between the media and the establishment media

Breitbart News Daily – The mainstream media and mainstream media have a long history of being a

When a neural circuit’s wiring gets tweaked, it can turn into an epileptic wave

Hacker News article The brain’s electrical connections can become altered, a new study has foun

How a single mother’s loss of faith changed the course of her life

People have often wondered why a single parent who lost their faith in God is more likely to commit s

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