Why are we still talking about the Clintons?

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We are still talking the Clintons.

The Democratic National Convention will be a moment in time, not a political event.

The convention will not, for example, have the benefit of the “convention chair” who will be announced later this week.

Nor will there be a coronation ceremony, as was announced on Tuesday.

The coronation will be an event of its own, with the winner announced Tuesday.

But the convention will be about more than the 2016 campaign.

It will be the first time the Democrats have held a national convention, and it will be remembered for what has been missing since last year: a celebration of American exceptionalism.

The Clintons will be back, but so will they be different.

That will not be a bad thing.

We are in the middle of the most important presidency in the nation’s history.

It was a different time, and the Clintons are different.

The Clinton Foundation will be much smaller, as will the organization’s efforts to work with state and local governments to address climate change.

But it will have the same purpose, to use its influence to build bridges between communities and improve the lives of the millions of Americans who live in the shadows.

Hillary Clinton, the first woman to hold the Oval Office, will be in the White House again.

We have a chance to restore some measure of the public trust and hope for a better future for our country.

But for now, the only thing we can do is look forward to the next convention, which will take place the same day as the 2016 election.

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