The man who brought down a landmark of science with his invention of the ‘black box’ is no longer alive

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A man who invented a black box to help scientists find a cure for cancer is now a billionaire.

John Bogle, known as the “Father of Big Data”, died in New York on Monday, aged 82.

He was the first person to discover the power of big data and created a new way of studying the world.

The New York Times reported Mr Bogle’s death was a “terrible loss” for his friends and family.

But a spokesman for his daughter, Mary, told the Associated Press news agency: “He was a brilliant man and a great scientist.”

John Bogel founded a company in 1953 that invented the first “big data” machine that could analyze huge amounts of data.

He used this machine to create a “big picture” of the world, a sort of virtual city where people could see all the data being collected and analyzed.

“If you put your finger on a particular problem, you could see it and find out what it was,” he said.

“Big data was very different from the information we get every day.”

I can see that now.

“He was born in New Hampshire in 1921, the grandson of a coal miner and a granddaughter of a railroad worker.”

When I was young I had this curiosity about everything, and I started to look for a way to do something with that,” he told the New York Post.

He spent the rest of his life trying to understand the world around him, and in 1954 founded the firm that would become one of the most powerful companies in the world – the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

In 1955, he created the Black Box – a device that could create a black hole and the sound of a bell ringing inside.

Mr Bogle then took the device to the International Space Station, and developed it into the “black box” that became the world’s first ever “black machine”.

In the 1970s, he invented the “supercomputer” – a huge computer that ran hundreds of millions of calculations per second.

The first version of the Black box was sent to the ISS on April 3, 1970, and the space station was equipped with a computer that could read all the recorded data.

It took nearly two decades for Mr Bogels black box work to be approved and in 1983 he became a director of a US company called General Electric.

The company has gone on to be valued at $100bn.

Mr Brown, who has a PhD in statistics from the University of Oxford, was born into a family of lawyers and is the grandson, stepson and great-grandson of John Brown.

He is best known for creating the internet and for his role in setting up the World Wide Web in 1996.

In a 2016 interview with CNN, he said he would like to see the creation of a new kind of big science, a “new generation of researchers”.”

I would like us to take the world we live in, the people we know, and make it big,” he added.”

It is the ultimate aspiration of this generation of scientists, that we take a world we know and change it to something that is much more like our own.


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