Michigan’s $2 billion Flint water crisis was just the beginning

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Flushing, Michigan – For nearly two decades, Flint’s water supply was the biggest source of problems facing the city.

Now, thanks to a combination of public pressure and a state of emergency declared by President-elect Donald Trump, Flint is finally receiving clean water.

But what the state’s governor said at the time was just a taste of the devastation to come, and it didn’t help.

“It is a crisis that is about to reach a boiling point,” Gov.

Rick Snyder said.

“Flint was once the world’s largest city, but it is now the world�s most dangerous city.”

It was the third-largest city in the United States and a city with a history of lead poisoning.

The city began taking in drinking water after Flint switched its water source from Lake Huron to Lake Hurac.

That led to an uptick in lead in the drinking water.

Flint has since had to start using bottled water.

Snyder said at a press conference in December that it would take months before Flint could begin getting back to a safe level of lead in its drinking water, a measure that the city has said would cost $2.2 billion.

Since then, the city�s water has come back to normal, but residents have begun to notice problems with the water quality.

Flint was once a thriving city that boasted a thriving art scene, museums, and entertainment venues.

The city now has a high concentration of lead-pumping water pipes and has become a toxic dumping ground for water contaminated with lead.

The Michigan legislature passed a law in October that allows the state to use the federal Emergency Management Agency to administer lead contamination relief for Flint residents.

In order to receive the funding, Flint needs to submit its plan by April 15.

Sawant is the leader of the Green Party in the Michigan Senate and she is considered to be one of the most progressive state lawmakers.

Santorum was among the Democrats who opposed Snyder�s emergency declaration, saying in a statement that he was “not a leader on Flint.”

Snyder has said he supports a federal emergency declaration to help Flint and is confident the money will be used for Flint.


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