Greens to hold out for more green money

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— The Green Party said Thursday it will release a detailed environmental report showing that the amount of green money invested in green jobs was a fraction of the spending on the environment.

The party, which has been criticized for spending more than $1 billion to lobby the state for more than a decade, will release its environmental report next week, according to the party’s spokesman.

The Green party says the environmental report shows that the Green Party’s environmental agenda is a good deal for Wisconsin.

The Democratic Party, meanwhile, said the party had spent far too much on environmental issues.

The Republican Party and the state’s GOP-controlled Legislature are expected to be involved in a legislative review of the report.

A Green Party spokesman said that since the party has been the focus of many green policies, its report was a good thing.

“It’s the right thing to do, because we are on the front lines,” said Jim Gerdes, the party spokesman.

“The environmental impact is what we have to work with and we can’t just focus on what is good for the environment.”

Green Party Chairman Steve Burt said that the party was still committed to supporting the environment and said he expected to release the report in the coming days.

Gerdes said the report will look at all environmental issues and will focus on how the party invests its environmental funds.

The report will show that while the party spent money on environmental matters, it was also working to create jobs, and that the environment had an impact on jobs and wages.

The group also said it will be looking at how the state is spending green money, including the state Green Jobs Fund.

The Wisconsin Green Jobs fund was established in the 1970s to encourage business to invest in green and renewable energy projects, which are typically more costly to develop and maintain than conventional coal and gas facilities.

The fund received about $400 million in 2016, the last year for which data is available.

Green Party leaders say they want to be a part of the discussion on climate change and green energy.

The environmental report will include a summary of the Green Jobs program, including an analysis of the environmental impacts of the fund, as well as recommendations on how to make the fund sustainable.

Green party leaders say the report shows the Green Job Fund has made an impact in Wisconsin.

But a spokeswoman for the Republican Party said the Green Government report had been a partisan attack and that Republicans should focus on other issues.

“Republicans have spent tens of millions of dollars attacking the Green Economy program,” the spokeswoman, Julie Korte, said in a statement.

“They are also pushing to weaken the Green Deal and environmental laws to weaken environmental protections and promote private property rights.

Democrats are in charge of the green economy and they have failed miserably at supporting our environment.”

A Green party official said the money is spent on a variety of environmental projects.

For example, the Green party is supporting the Green Energy Jobs Fund, which is designed to provide money to businesses to invest their green energy resources in projects that create jobs and generate economic benefits, Gerdes noted.

The state Green Economy Fund has received $2.4 billion since its inception, and Gerdes estimates that the fund has generated $1.4 million in new green energy jobs, according the Green government.

But the party says it has invested only $600,000 in that fund and says that spending is not a fraction.

“When you consider that the state has spent more than one billion dollars on environmental causes and jobs, this is an extremely small percentage,” Gerdes told reporters.

“But it’s not a small percentage because the Green jobs fund has created hundreds of thousands of jobs.

It has increased wages for people in Wisconsin.”

The Green Jobs Program has also helped the Green economy, Gerdensaid.

“We are helping people create jobs,” he said.

“Green jobs are creating jobs and Green Economy has done so.”

The Republican-controlled legislature is considering a bill to repeal the Green State Act, which established the Green Economic Partnership Fund.

Gerdersaid that the law has “a lot of holes in it,” adding that there are too many loopholes and that a new bill is needed to address those.

The bill, which was introduced in May, is likely to be voted on in the next few weeks.

The legislation would also remove the state environmental review board and limit the ability of the state government to regulate greenhouse gas emissions.

Green Jobs Funds are not subject to state environmental laws.

Gerdosaid that Green Jobs funds were an important part of Wisconsin’s economic development for many decades.

“I am proud of the fact that the $1,000 Green Jobs money has helped Wisconsin become the best place to work in the world,” Gerdsaid.

Gerds said that while Wisconsin has not achieved the status of a global leader in green infrastructure, its Green Jobs programs have helped to create thousands of new green jobs.

Gerda, the Wisconsin Green Economy fund, is a partnership of


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