Book Review: ‘Journals’ of the Past’ by Stephen Krasnow, David Dickson, and James Fudge features essays by two of the greats of American literary history

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A new book from Pulitzer Prize-winning author Stephen Kress, who is best known for his work with Dickson and Fudge on The Great Gatsby, has been hailed as a classic by both critics and readers.

The book, which was written for the new school library journal The Philadelphia Business Journal, is called “Journals of the Future,” and it’s available for purchase on Amazon and other online retailers.

“Jobs are changing, new technologies are disrupting, and publishing is an increasingly important business, but that’s not the only job that’s changing,” Krasnoosays in the book’s introduction.

“The digital era is changing the way we publish and access the information that we value.

The way we work, the way our communities and institutions operate, and the way that we communicate with each other.”

Krasnosays says that while his goal with this book is to explore the “new business practices, ideas, and technologies that are reshaping how we do business” and how these changes affect “the way we do the work that we do,” it’s also important to talk about the ways in which we’re still living in the same old way.

“Journalism is more than a hobby, it’s a way of life,” he explains.

“It’s not something that we are going to take lightly.

But the new business practices that we’re seeing in the digital world, and in the social media era, and even within the publishing industry, they’re changing the ways we work and the ways that we interact with each another, and that’s a pretty big shift.”

The book offers a wide array of perspectives from those who’ve been there before, and it covers topics like the rise of “gigs,” the shift toward the cloud, and more.

Krasnovasays writes about how he has to think about what the digital future means for journalism and for the publishing business.

“We’re not going to stop doing journalism,” he says.

“But we need to rethink how we work.”

The authors, who are known for their collaboration on The Book of Henry and other books, say they were inspired by the work of journalists who have written about the digital revolution.

“I was fascinated by how the new ways in digital technology and information, which are changing how we think about our profession, are changing the nature of journalism itself,” says Krasnosays.

“So I thought, this is a book for those who have worked with journalists in the past and the ones who are now working in the new digital world.”

Kresnoosay also discusses the importance of keeping a healthy balance between personal and professional lives, and how that can be a challenge when it comes to having a busy schedule, which can mean working from home and taking care of your kids, and making the transition to the new world of work.

“If you have a busy lifestyle, you can get too overwhelmed with work, and you can have too much of the same things,” he notes.

“You can lose track of what you really need to do in your life.

But that’s what we do in journalism.

We’re professionals, and we need that balance.

So when I’m home, I try to be myself.

I work, I have fun, and I love my family.”

The “Josses” and their book are available for preorder now at, Barnes & Noble, and on iTunes.

You can also find more of Kras Nosonosays work at his website,

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