What you need to know about the holy books of the world

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The world’s sacred books, from the Bible to the Koran, have been widely revered by millions of people worldwide, and many of them have inspired some of the greatest stories in popular culture.

But which of these holy books have actually inspired some really fantastic movies?

Here’s a look at some of our favourite films that use one or more of the books.


The Matrix In 1999, director Michael Bay was inspired by the Bible when he created the film The Matrix, in which a corporation named Neo (a nod to the Matrix’s creator, Neo) tries to steal the plans for the Matrix from a secret underground base.

“I wanted to make a film that would be as good as the Bible,” Bay said.

The film was made with the help of Christian missionaries, and was screened at the 2001 Academy Awards.

The plot of the film follows a pair of teenagers, Connor and Eve, who have to protect the Matrix and its inhabitants from a mysterious alien force.

“When you watch The Matrix you see the human form of the human spirit and it is a real human experience,” Bay told the Associated Press in 2012.

“It’s a very spiritual film.

It’s a real film.

I wanted to show the essence of that.

And the essence is, when we’re young we learn how to do things by following a set of rules.

So, for example, if you want to do something you have to follow a set pattern, a set number of rules.”

The Matrix was released in cinemas around the world in 2000 and inspired a slew of sequels.

The latest movie, Inception, has already been nominated for an Oscar and won Best Picture.


The Shining in the 70s The film’s title derives from the famous poem “The Shining”, which tells the story of two brothers who are caught in a labyrinth, with no way out.

The brothers discover that they are trapped in the labyrinth by a spirit called the Shining, who has been haunting them ever since they left the house.

“In the original book, it says that the brothers are in the maze because they have lost their way,” Bay recalled in the 2016 film Inside Out.

“And in the new book it says they are in a cave because they’re trapped in a maze by the Shining.

So it’s a pretty literal interpretation of the poem.”

Bay’s version of the story is inspired by a number of other ancient and contemporary stories about the spirit of the Shining and the search for his path.

“The reason it’s so good is because of the symbolism in the poem,” Bay explained.

“So if you’re going to go to the maze, and you go in the dark, you’re in a place where you don’t know what’s in the other side, but you have a feeling that the place is very dangerous and that you need something to protect yourself.

And that’s the Shining spirit.”

In the original version, the Shining is a ghost of a boy who has lost his way and is haunted by the dead, but the new version changes the whole meaning.

The new version of The Shining is also set in the present day, where humans have developed technology that allows them to travel through the maze without ever entering the cave where they are stuck.

The book also references the “darkness that is the soul of man” as the source of its influence on the movie’s plot.


The Hunger Games: Catching Fire This 2014 film based on the books of Suzanne Collins’ novel about an oppressed girl who goes on a hunger strike to protest the injustice of the status quo is one of the most acclaimed movies of the year.

The movie tells the tale of a rebel who rebels against the corrupt world order by using the resources of her impoverished village to fight for the rights of the downtrodden.

“This book is very important because it’s the only book that has influenced all the other books, the ones that are very young,” Bay, the author of the Hunger Games series, told Variety in 2015.

“What’s amazing is, even though it’s in its early stages, the book has changed the way we think about power.

When you read the book you think of the old ways of thinking, and it’s about power, and about hierarchy and about power being an evil force.

And this book changed that.”

The Hunger Game: Caught Fire is one the most anticipated sequels in Hollywood history, which is also why it inspired a number film adaptations.

In the new film, Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) and her best friend, Peeta Mellark (Matthew McConaughey), must go on a world-spanning hunger strike against the oppressive rule of the Capitol.

The sequel is set in 2022 and tells the same story in 2024.


The Martian According to the book, the first human landed on Mars in 1969, when the first humans were only on the surface for a short period of time.


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