Which world newspaper obits the most?

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In what world newspaper does the Jerusalem Post headline “What World Newspaper Obits the Most?”?

That’s the question posed by the paper’s Chinese World Journal on Sunday, which featured a story about a “sudden surge in demand” for the paper by Chinese investors.

The article, titled “China’s demand for the Jerusalem Journal has surpassed the number of news outlets in the world, according to a report by Chinese media outlets,” claimed that “China is expected to overtake the US in 2017 as the biggest investor in the Journal.”

The report cited an unnamed “industry insider” to explain the news: The Beijing Times is expected by some to surpass the US as the largest news agency in the region, said the source, adding that it was expected that China will overtake the UK and France as the world’s second largest market for news.

The report continued: A number of media outlets are seeing a sudden surge in their demand for information and news in China, including China’s state-run Global Times, the country’s official Xinhua news agency, the state-owned Global Times Daily News, China Central Television and China Television Network, the newspaper reported.

According to the report, these media outlets have become a “virtual monopoly” over news coverage, and they are expected to expand their business.

China Daily, the official news outlet of the Chinese Communist Party, reported in September that its audience in China has grown to more than 500 million.

The newspaper’s circulation is forecast to reach a record 1.1 billion readers by the end of this year, and it is expected that the paper will become the world newspaper of choice for Chinese investors, according the report.

The Jerusalem Post’s Chinese title of the article was “China News: The biggest media market in the country,” which was the only headline that appeared in the Chinese version of the story.

In Hebrew, the article’s title reads, “Israel and the Palestinians are now the biggest media markets in the Middle East,” which is in turn followed by the article about Israel’s and the Palestine Liberation Organization’s desire to reach out to China.

In an earlier version of this article, the Jerusalem News reported that the Jerusalem Daily News had an “exorbitant” share of the daily Chinese market.

In response, the daily Jerusalem News tweeted a photo of a banner on its front page reading “The Jerusalem Daily is the best news source in the Arab world.”


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