When a white girl takes on a group of people of colour in the classroom

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Westchester County, New York, has seen a rash of white girls taking up the arts and music in classrooms.

This year, the district is also experiencing a spike in reported cases of bullying and harassment of white people in classrooms, according to a press release from the Westchester Board of Education.

The district has seen an increase in reported bullying incidents and harassment in the past two years, according the district, and students of colour are particularly vulnerable.

As a result, students of color and those with disabilities are under heightened stress in classrooms with a white teacher.

Westchester County School District spokesperson Lauren Schubert told the Westbury Journal that white girls are beginning to use the arts as a way to cope with stress and trauma.

She also said that there is no known relationship between bullying and the arts.

“The district continues to work closely with the community to ensure that all students of all backgrounds have the opportunity to participate in the arts in our schools,” Schuber said in the press release. 

“We do not support the bullying of any group or student of colour.”

According to the Westfield Press, a new report has found that white students are disproportionately affected by bullying, with black and Hispanic students at the top of the list.

According to an April 27 press release by the school district, the percentage of white students in Westchester has risen from 35% in 2015 to 45% in 2017.

The district also reported that in 2017, the number of students who reported being verbally harassed at school increased from 7% to 13% of all students.

The school district has not yet provided any data to back up the claims made by the press.

The Westchester Journal reported that one of the white students who took up the music was recently told by the principal to stop.

The school district did not immediately respond to ABC News’ request for comment.ABC News’ Ashley Parker contributed to this report.


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