The world’s biggest scientific journals could soon have to stop publishing the names of the scientists who wrote them

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The editors of major scientific journals are considering changing their names from Nature and Science to Nature and Nature and Proceedings.

The change could save thousands of jobs, according to a draft proposal published Tuesday.

The proposal, first reported by Bloomberg News, says the names could be changed to Science and Nature to reflect the different disciplines within those journals.

“It will be a very challenging task for us,” said James Anderson, editor-in-chief of Nature and one of the authors of the proposal.

The move comes amid a flurry of research and publishing activity in the fields of genetics, chemistry, physics, and other areas.

The World Economic Forum is among the leading global scientific organizations, which includes several leading journals in their fields.

In March, Nature announced that it was scrapping its annual meeting and moving to a different, smaller venue.

Other major organizations have announced plans to drop names, too.

The Nature Publishing Group, a leading publisher of scientific journals, is working with several universities to change the names for its journals, according a spokesperson.

The names could change, as well.

The journal’s publisher, Wiley-Blackwell, said it will change the name of the Journal of Human Genetics and the Journal for Human Evolution to the Human Genetics (Journal of Human Evolution) and Human Evolution (Journal for Human Genetics).

In the process, it said, it would also change the Journal’s logo and the title of its annual report.

The Journal for Biological Reviews, which has published over 2,000 scientific papers, has already changed its name from the Biological Reviews of the Human Sciences (Biorescience) to the Biorescience (BioReviews) and BioReviews (Bioreresearchers).

The journal has published more than 30,000 papers, according the BioReview website.


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