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By Mike DeBonis, Ars Technicom senior writer | 09/09/17 10:30:04 The day after Hurricane Irma hit Florida, the world waited with bated breath to see how President Donald Trump would react.

Hurricane Irma was an unanticipated disaster, and Trump, in his first speech since the storm hit, was not expected to be very diplomatic.

But he did not mince words when he was asked about the hurricane in an interview with CBS’ Face the Nation.

“The hurricane that we’re seeing is a very, very bad storm,” Trump said.

“It’s a very dangerous storm.

It’s a major hurricane.

It is a catastrophic storm.

And we’re not going to get out of it, and we’re going to make sure that we do get out, we’re taking care of it.”

He then went on to say that it was “very, very, extremely dangerous,” and that it’s “a very dangerous time to be living in Florida.”

When pressed on the damage to Florida, Trump said that Florida had already lost $3 billion, and added that “we’re going back to a state that is very, much more dangerous than it was before.”

Trump’s comments, as usual, have left many Americans angry and wondering if his remarks are the start of a broader shift to a more hostile stance toward the hurricane.

On the morning of the hurricane, The New York Times’s Kevin Roose noted that while the storm was initially “unexpected,” it turned out to be a very bad hurricane for Florida, a state with a long history of hurricane-related disasters.

The Hurricane Irma is currently a Category 5 storm, which means it is capable of sustained winds of 175 mph (295 km/h). “

Many people are wondering whether it’s just a sign of how much the country has changed in this era of climate change and climate change denial.”

The Hurricane Irma is currently a Category 5 storm, which means it is capable of sustained winds of 175 mph (295 km/h).

That means the storm could be more powerful than Hurricane Andrew in 1992, which devastated the Florida Keys.

“This is the worst storm ever recorded in Florida,” Governor Rick Scott told reporters this morning.

“I don’t know if you’re familiar with that, but in that storm, we lost 1.5 million people.

This is the second-largest loss in history in Florida.

We have no other major hurricanes in our state that have done that.”

It was also revealed today that the National Hurricane Center is expecting the storm to become a Category 4 hurricane as early as Tuesday morning.

But as Roose pointed out, it was not immediately clear how strong Irma was at the time of the storm, nor what its impact would be on Florida’s economy.

Irma was the fourth hurricane to hit Florida in less than a week, the first two being Hurricane Wilma in 2015 and Hurricane Jose in 2005.

As of this morning, the state has recorded more than 12 million deaths from tropical storms and tropical rainstorms since the end of the 1930s.

A hurricane in Florida would have the potential to cause millions of dollars in damage to the state’s economy and would have a devastating impact on Florida and the U.S. economy.

As Roose pointed a point out, Hurricane Irma could bring “major disruption to the lives of millions of Floridians, costing millions of jobs, damaging millions of homes, and leading to an estimated $5 billion in lost property value.”

It could also cause “a significant loss of property value in Florida’s tourism industry, which has been affected by Hurricane Irma.”

“This disaster could cost tens of millions in property damage to businesses and homes in Florida, as well as a significant loss to tourism,” Roose said.

The National Weather Service in Miami estimated Irma could be expected to bring up to 6 inches of rain in the state.

The storm could also bring widespread flooding, landslides, and power outages.

Irma could cause damage to water infrastructure that could “immediately affect the state,” according to the National Weather Services.

Florida Governor Rick Walker said that the state is “in the midst of planning for the most extensive response to this devastating storm.”

Governor Rick Snyder said that “every decision made in the immediate aftermath of the landfall of Hurricane Irma will be focused on the safety and well-being of Florids residents.”

Meanwhile, Gov.

Scott also said that it is “critical” for people in the Florida National Guard to stay at home because the storm is “unprecedented.”

“We’re in the midst the most intense and dangerous hurricane season we’ve ever seen, and that’s why it’s critical that our people stay at homes and we stay away from the storm,” he said.


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