How to avoid getting into the news business

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In the early 1990s, I worked as a news reporter at a local newspaper, and the paper was a daily paper.

I wrote a few stories, mostly for local newspapers and local news websites, but the most I ever did was one or two, maybe three a month.

The local paper wasn’t a big part of my day job.

It was the paper of record.

So I had to be aware of the fact that I was being exposed to a lot of people who were not going to read the paper that day.

And the newspaper also had an attitude that you could be a writer and a journalist if you wanted to.

You could be an excellent reporter and not have to worry about being exposed, and you could even have a successful career as a writer.

I wasn’t very good at that.

The newspapers I worked for had a very strong attitude about how to cover the news.

So it was always a challenge to find a good news source.

So in the early days, I got a copy of a newsletter called “The Insider” that I got to write, and that was kind of the start of my career as the Insider.

That newsletter was a publication that I worked with, a newspaper I wrote about.

That was kind, I thought, a start.

I didn’t want to be the only guy who had an idea of how to write.

I had a lot to learn about that business, and it was a hard, hard slog.

And so the idea for the newsletter came to me at the beginning of 1993.

It wasn’t really something that came up at all.

I was a news junkie, and I was very much into newspapers and I wanted to be a journalist.

I wanted a newspaper to write about.

So after the newsletter I got into the business of writing and producing newsletters.

So for me, it was sort of a way to learn, because I was not a professional journalist.

It’s kind of a side job that you can get into, and if you’re a journalist you can do it.

But I really liked that idea.

It came up in a conversation I had with a friend of mine, and he said, Well, what are you going to do?

And I said, I’m going to write a newsletter.

And I really like to write newsletters, and so I said okay, let’s start.

And we started writing.

And then we kind of developed this idea.

I got more and more into it and more and less and less, I think it was in 1997, that we really just wanted to write regular newsletters.

And what we really wanted to do was just write about topics that we wanted to talk about, and write them in a format that people could easily digest.

We had a pretty good idea of what we wanted our newsletter to look like, so I started making the first draft of the first issue.

And by the time we had the first one, we had about 30,000 words of it.

And it was really kind of funny to be able to say, “Well, here’s what the first newsletter should look like,” and it kind of made me think, “Oh, that’s a good idea.”

And then it got published, and we had an immediate response.

It went viral, and then it was picked up by some other newspapers, and people started contacting us.

We got a lot more calls and emails.

And at that time, the Internet was still in its infancy.

And there was a lot that I didn- I didn, in a way, feel like I had been taught in school.

I think that I still don’t feel that way about that period.

And you know, at the time I was just a teenager, and all I knew about journalism was just the Internet.

I did my first job, I started working in a newspaper.

And that’s when I really started to feel like a journalist, because journalism was a job, and a job wasn’t something that you had to do, and wasn’t necessarily something that someone said, “Yeah, you can be a reporter, and go out there and write about your own passions.”

It was something that happened naturally to you.

And a lot has changed in the years since then.

I don’t think the internet is that much of a hindrance to journalism in terms of creating stories.

And certainly, it has made the internet a much better way to do that, as opposed to writing a piece of text that was delivered on a phone.

The internet has made it a lot easier for people to connect, and to create content.

I’m pretty sure that that’s probably what’s going to happen more and it’ll be the way that journalism will continue to grow.

So that was the first step, but there were more.

And over time, it grew into a kind of thing that I call the “journalism diet.”

So I was really happy that it was something I could do. I would do


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