The New York Times

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on the deadly virus that killed at least 11 people in Orlando article NEW YORK — A New York newspaper published a headline in its Sunday edition that described the city as a “nightmare of Ebola.”

The article, headlined “Ebola: New York’s Nightmare,” described the death toll in the city in August as the highest in the United States.

It also described how the virus was spreading quickly, with cases in schools, public buildings, parks and hospitals.

The article was first published on Sunday in the newspaper’s obituarist section, which is devoted to the paper’s editorial content.

The article by a Times reporter was picked up by the newspaper website and carried on its front page on Sunday.

It read, “EBOLA: New Yorkers Nightmare.”

The Times article about the city, titled “EBIO: New Yorker Nightmare,” also featured the headline “EVERYDAY: Ebola Outbreak in New York,” and an image of a young boy playing on a playground with a sign reading, “HUNGARY, SINGAPORE, PORTUGAL, LUXEMBOURG, LONDON.”

The newspaper published its article with a caption that read, in part: The New York City skyline is filled with skyscrapers, but many of them are now in shambles.

Some of them, like the one near the Javits Center, look as if they have been hit by an airplane.

Many of them look like they could have been built in the 1950s.

The entire city is in a state of collapse.

As we speak, there are more than 1,300 people with Ebola symptoms in New Jersey, where the outbreak has hit hard.

The number of confirmed cases has more than tripled, from 1,816 in early September to nearly 4,000 on Friday.

We are living in a nightmare, the Times article continued.

The Times reporter said that “this is the nightmare we have in New England and around the country.”

On the morning of Aug. 12, the New York Daily News published a story about a woman who contracted Ebola from a nurse who cared for her in the Bronx, who had recently been discharged from the hospital, who was “shocked and frightened by the rapid spread of the disease.”

The paper reported that the nurse had been in Liberia and had been infected in Guinea before traveling to New York.

It said the nurse tested negative for Ebola.

The woman told the newspaper that she did not have Ebola and had recently visited Liberia to help an Ebola patient who had lost both his legs, a broken arm and a punctured lung.

As the article said, “the nurse has not been identified and it is unclear whether she had Ebola before or after returning to the United Kingdom.

After she returned to New England, she was placed in isolation in a Newark hospital.”

The paper said that the case “was not known to the health authorities” before the nurse returned to the U.K. and had not been tested.

The paper reported, “The patient is a Briton, and her symptoms are not unusual for Ebola, and she was tested for the virus, as are most other Ebola patients who have traveled to the UK.

Her symptoms are mild and include fever, muscle pain and a headache.

The patient has no known history of exposure to Ebola.”


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